Wedding Décor: Start With The Basics

wedding decorWedding décor can encompass many different aspects of your wedding. This can include an archway, table décor, flowers, and lighting. Take these steps to make sure that your wedding décor is something of which you can easily be proud, on any budget.

Choose a Theme

A garden type wedding, a tropical wedding, a traditional wedding, a unique, one of a kind wedding. Whatever you like, allow this to be the theme for your wedding. And pull this throughout the entire wedding, involving all of the décor. Chances area that if you choose items that appeal to you instead of giving in to other people, you will create your own theme. Everyone has unique tastes and yours should reflect your tastes. Choosing a theme may make choosing the appropriate wedding décor easier.

Be Consistent

If you have a garden wedding at the church and walk under a spring like arch and then get to your reception which is studded out like a Bedouin tent, it is going to look strange. You should be consistent with your wedding décor. There is nothing wrong with having eclectic tastes, but try to focus on a single theme for your wedding décor or else your guests will feel like they are in a haze.

Matching Colors

If the bridesmaids dresses are lilac, the flowers are lilac and you are having lilac and white colors throughout your wedding, you do not want red or blue chair covers or green table cloths. Make sure that the wedding décor at the reception matches the wedding décor at the church. Pick two colors and stick with them.

Floral Centerpieces

If you have floral centerpieces on the tables, be aware that the flowers used should mirror the flowers that are part of the ceremony. This mean the type of flower, too. If you have real flowers for your wedding, silks do not belong at the table. The style and color of the flowers should also match the wedding décor.

Chair Coverings

Many wedding banquet halls are offering chair coverings for an additional price. Most of the halls will also match the swatch of the bridesmaids dresses with the bow around the chair covering. This expense is well worth it. If you have ever walked into a reception that does not have chair coverings as opposed to those that do, you will notice the difference right away. This is one bit of wedding décor you do not want to do without.


Candles should also match the color scheme of the wedding and can make excellent centerpieces as well as add to the wedding décor. You can also, if allowed, opt for a candlelight ceremony at the church. This may also be allowed for part of the reception. You would not want all of your reception to be in candlelight, however, as most people will not be able to see one another.

The secret to having tasteful wedding décor is that everything ties in with the theme of the wedding, the colors match and that the wedding does not look thrown together at the last minute, but put together with care.

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